Cotton Cocoon

The Bikini Fashionista team loves to shop at Cotton Cocoon for Turkish towels also known as “Peshtemal”, they are eco-friendly, dry quickly and are light in weight. They are easy to pack, will not take up a lot of space in your beach bag and last of all, they are so stylish and come in a variety of colors and styles. The Peshtemal fabric is made of 100% cotton and is produced in hand-woven looms in Turkey. The Bikini Fashionista has favorited this item as a beach fave because they last forever and can also be used as a sarong, a shawl and many other ways. Which one is your ultimate pick?

Olaya Beach Swimwear

The Bikini Fashionista loves Olaya Beach Swimwear, approaching the world of swimwear design with an eco-friendly approach, this line uses italian fabrics that dry twice as fast as conventional swimwear, keeping the shape and color of the swimsuit intact at all times. Additionally, these eco-friendly fabrics are resistant to salt water, chlorine, mold and sun creams, they do not trap sand and ensure a high UV protection. Hence, this is why our BF team approves Olaya Swimwear as your ultimate pick for remaining classy at the beach. Be modern, chic and retro by the poolside with Olaya Beach Swimwear!