Cecilia Prado Mare!

Cecilia Prado Mare
is known for her contemporary take on knit and crochet apparel, constantly creating new and innovative designs that never ceases to amaze fashion lovers. The renowned lifestyle brand has newly expanded to swimwear and the Bikini Fashionista is  more than excited about Cecilia Prado’s newest venture. For the upcoming season, Cecilia Prado is all about fusing eclectic and ethnic influences into sexy swimsuits that hug the curves of the body seamlessly with the utmost presence of modern fashion. The talented brazilian designer offers luxurious swimwear of perfected quality to bikini fashionistas internationally.  Shop Cecilia Prado Mare at Neiman Marcus!

Cecilia Prado Mare  perfects uniqueness by intertwining memorable color combinations with exotic prints.


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Photos courtesy of: Neiman Marcus

4 thoughts on “Cecilia Prado Mare!

  1. Very inspiring swimwear photos and the post itself too! Even though it is a winter here – I am looking forward to the 6 months is future and figuring out what kind of bikini I would like to have for myself :-)

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